About Us and Our Team
                                       This initiatve is a result of collaboration
                                           between some of the worlds leading PTS(D)  Thinkers. People who understand that we must address these challenges before they take hold - it is about coping not healing. 

Our approach to this challenge is in three distinct phases.

1. Increasing awareness - Tame the Kraken - Rowing 3,000 miles across the atlantic - we are looking for sponsors, volunteers, social media support, blog management, et. al.

2. Developing a simple curriculum that allows lay people to learn about the causes and effects of PTS(D) & TBI and also how to engage those who are likely to struggle with both. We are looking for subject matter specialists to help us develop and deploy the curriculum.

3. Deploy a global network of volunteers who are willing and able to talk to those who might struggle to cope with these challenges. We are looking for funding to build and sustain the network, the CONNECT app and the connection process until we eliminate the stigma. 
  1. Barbara Van Dahlen
    Barbara Van Dahlen
    Give an Hour Founder
  2. Rick J. Collins
    Rick J. Collins
    Founder & Executive Director
  3. Tim Crockett
    Tim Crockett
    Tame The Kraken Founder
  4. Bart Billings
    Bart Billings
    Col. US Army (Ret.)
For the past 7 years Rick, a British Veteran and Founder of Veterans 360, has been on the front lines of support for today's combat veterans who struggle to cope with transition and PTS(D) challenges. The CONNECT smartphone application is his solution to many of the problems todays veterans face.  
Tim Crockett is the individual who is crazy enough to row a 23FT boat across the atlantic. Tim a British Veteran named his boat The Kraken because he saw the similarities between The Kraken, something dark, feared and misunderstood and PTS(D). Veteran wrestle with their own demons like mariners of old and we need to help them understand that their own Kraken can be Tamed. 
Ten years ago this amazing woman had the foresight to know that those who were fighting this nations wars are going to come home to a society that does not understand the impact that combat stress is going to have on them and their families. 

One hour at a time her team has made a huge difference. 
Bart has been a tireless crusader in the fight against over medication of our young veterans. His book Invisible Scars: How to Treat Combat Stress and PTSD without Medication should be the go to bible for care givers, clinicians and Doctors the world over. We must educate those who struggle to cope not numb them into a comatose state. 
  1. Jim Booker
    Jim Booker
    SgtMaj. USMC (Ret.)
  2. Spencer Polwort
    Spencer Polwort
    # I Am 23 Founder
  3. Tony Dell
    Tony Dell
    Stand Tall to PTS Founder
  4. John Mulholland
    John Mulholland
    MajGen. US Army (Ret.)
Spencer began his Army career in 1988 and retired in 2015 after numerous combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. After the loss of numerous friends who lost their battle to PTS(D), he began to look at alternative ways to address PTS(D). 

One serious ommission is the lack of a conversation around Veterans who  "succeeded" in their battle to cope with PTS.  With this in mind he founded #1AM23.
Tony Dell was a national serviceman who deployed to Vietnam with 2RAR. On his return he played  cricket playing two test matches for Australia.Forty years after he got home from Vietnam he was diagnosed with PTS and only then did he realise the reasons for the multitude of things that had gone wrong in his life. 

He created his NP to increase national awareness and in so doing help to reduce the stigma around PTS.
Jim enlisted in 1983 and retired as Senior Enlisted Leader ISAF. Jim has 44 months of combat experience and awards that include the Silver Star, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit (w/star), Bronze Star (with V) & the coveted CAR (w/star). 

"We spent a lot of time teaching them how to kick down doors and destroy on contact. Now it's time to teach them how to open those doors.”
Recently retired from the United States Army LTG Mulholland served as Deputy Commander of the United States Special Operations Command and previously as the Commanding General, United States Army Special Operations Command.

"Our men and women ask, will the system stand by those of us who willingly went forward in their name? We say YES"